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Unspeakable vlogs with gabe and james

Nathan UnspeakableGaming is an American Minecraft YouTuber uploading videos of him showcasing maps, play with friends doing a bunch. Org which he shares ownership with Shark together with Moosecraft. He also opened a Google forum page were his fans can submit their maps made for him. The channel gained prominence in the early year with its Minecraft related content gaining popularity.

Nathan Presents the channel boasts of having over 3. The channel where Nathan posts fun videos, particularly the ones with his friends and contents from GTA5 together GMOD, However, yet to catch up with the popularity and viewership of his famous channel.

Minecraft Edition! The channel is a few months old, but it has already amassed over K subscribers. He is gradually making his presence felt in other social media platforms as well with his Twitter account has more than 63K followers and his Instagram account having over K followers.

Nathan also came up with his Merchandise — www. Nathan is part of the next-generation video entertainment network Machinima, Inc. Nathan owns the Minecraft server at present runs at mc. The former member of the Proper Productions, he has over the years collaborated with many other fellow YouTubers.

unspeakable vlogs with gabe and james

Unspeakable decided to have an office based in Houston. On the month of March 7 when Unspeakable tweeted that Nathan found a perfect office base for his merchandise store, Unspeakable Clothing. He also doing some mail opening from his fans sending it to him on his P. O Box address more this year.

One of his goals also reached last August 1 where he bought his dream car, Huracan Performante Lamborghini. He met his favorite fan too while he was at Hot Wheels HQ.

unspeakable vlogs with gabe and james

He also launched a new server LegacyMC play. He bought a truck, in the year Ford Raptor, last May 10 and Unspeakable also uses this truck in some of his vlogs. Unspeakable also launched a brand new Minecraft server inspired by his very own game, ChaseCraft.

During the month of July 25 when Unspeakable uploaded a 2-minute video about him and his girlfriend, Kayla Conley, broke up. Nathan is an American Minecraft YouTuber uploading videos of him showcasing maps, who was born on December 5,He is 21 years old as ofbetter known online as UnspeakableGaming or just Unspeakable.

Nathan was born on the month of December 5, The YouTube personality does not like to disclose much about his personal life as there is hardly any information available on his parents, education, and family.

Unspeakable and Kayla Spark Breakup Rumors in His Latest Video

Although, the fans would be delighted to know that Nathan has a girlfriend called Kayla. At present, he lives in Dallas, Texas and has two adorable cats called Simon and Mufasa.This red camo hat features Unspeakable's unique box font with Unspeakable's font on the back of the hat. The mesh design gives an even cooler and comfortable feel, all while showing off style and Unspeakable pride. Designed with the newest addition to Unspeakable's icon family, this hat is something totally new for Unspeakable merch.

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Go to FAQ. Previous Next.Social media stats. He has grown to over 2. He now posts at least daily. However it's still a baby compared to its older brother, having just 40k subs and around k views. It can reach kmh in just 4 seconds. He posted a photo of it here. Social media presence - Trying to connect to his fans, Nathan is also present on Twitter to his 28k followers and posts from time to time to his 43k fans on Instagram.

Info source: Wikipediasocial media accounts, users content. Last update: 30 April We do our best for being accurate. If something seems incorrect, please contact us! More Info. Popular Pages Home. Follow Us Facebook Twitter. All rights reserved. Privacy Policy. Nathan's humour and witty videos, got it to the 1,th place in terms of subscriber rank.

Discover more facts on him and his YouTube stats, below. Real name:. How tall is UnspeakableGaming? How old is UnspeakableGaming in ? Where was UnspeakableGaming born?

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Sneak up and blast him with Unspeakable's 10" water gun!Jameson, heir to the Jameson Irish Whiskey fortune.

unspeakable vlogs with gabe and james

In the s, an heir to the vast Jameson Irish Whiskey fortune bought a year-old girl just so he could draw her being eaten by cannibals. James S. Jameson was the great-great-grandson of John Jameson, the founder of the famed Irish Whiskey company, and as such was heir to the family fortune.

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Wikimedia Commons James S. In reality, the expedition had a second purpose: to annex more land for the Belgian Free State colony in the Congo. According to Assad Farran, a Sudanese translator on the trip, Jameson expressed interest in seeing cannibalism first hand. Wikimedia Commons Tippu Tip, a famed slave trader who worked in the area. Farran would later tell Stanley, when he returned to check up on the rear column, his account of the events, and would later recount them in an affidavit that was published by the New York Times.

He said that Tippu then talked to the chiefs of the village and produced a year-old slave girl, who Jameson paid six handkerchiefs for. One of them then stabbed her twice in the belly. Likely, the account of his crime is true, but James Jameson never faced justice. He died shortly after the accusations of his misconduct made their way to to Stanley in from a fever he had contracted.

Non-scientific civilian expeditions into Africa were suspended after this time, though military and governmental ones would continue. All because of the crimes of a whiskey heir and the brave interpreter who told the world what he did.

By Gabe Paoletti. James Jameson used his power and privilege to do the unspeakable — and get away with it. Share Tweet Email. Report a bad ad experience.

15 Ways to Sneak Candy into the Movies

Gabe Paoletti. Previous Post.He is also one of the owners of a Minecraft server named Play. Org which he shares ownership with Shark and Moosecraft.

He also opened a Google forum page were his fans can submit their maps made for him. Unspeakable was born on December 5th, and was raised in Houston, Texas.

When he was years old, he joined the boy scouts, and at that time, he was into playing video games too, in particular, on his GameBoy.

He would ask for new video games on every Christmas day and birthday. Over time, he hated homework and made a lot of friends in school. At 13 years old, he made videos with his friends and discovered YouTube. He created his first channel in and that is how his YouTube career has started. Before his main channel was created, Nathan made a channel called "Mr.

Then exactly one month later, November 9, he said that date was his first recording for the first video on his first series called "Minecraft Survival Island", that was uploaded on November 17, Two days later, he posted a video of his first mod showcase about TNT explosions. After that, he uploads videos on mods, maps, like Sonic The Hedgehog map, Minecraft Wipeout map, and more. On December 7, the same year was his first gameplay of Minecraft Hunger Games.

December 26,he posted a video that covers his whole computer setup and 2 days later, he uploaded a trailer of his first map created by him called "Minecraft Mob Island Survival".

That opportunity enters his way to hit subscribers on April 20, He also fills his channel some mods, texture packs, seeds, and Hunger Games showcases of the year He also played Urban Trial Freestyle and posted it on his main channel. August 26, where he hit 10k subscribers.

Then November 29, was his first gameplay of Skywars. This year, he hit 50k subscribers on April 22 and as a celebration, he posted a short montage containing his videos on his channel.

He also opened himself to play some more games besides Minecraft. One of them is COD where he started to post videos of them last November 4. November 26, he hit k subscribers and he celebrates it in 3 types: he posted a video of his new computer setup compared to the last setup that he showcased way backhe posted a QnA video on December 2,then a couple of days later, he posted a video where he compiles all of his fans' fan art.

His k subscriber celebration extends. July 15, he announced that he is going to be on TheGameCon on August of the same year. He also started to upload Top 5's, 10's, and 50's this year. Then Unspeakable starts a ton of roleplay series. He started "Minecraft - Who's Your Daddy? Then on May 2's episode of the role-playing series, Shark appeared. July 12, Unspeakable is back on showcasing maps including puzzle ones and one of them is the "Glitcher".

Then he began showcasing Redstone houses. Euclides' build caught Unspeakable's attention. He showcased Euclides' map first-time last July Afterward, Unspeakable showcase all of Euclides' builds. Then, on August 7, Unspeakable live-streamed with Moose for their first-time where they play some Hypixel mini-games. And on this date, September 17, Unspeakable hit 1M subscribers and posted a video of his reaction at the same time, his reaction to his first 5 videos on his channel.

November 6, when he announced that Proper Productions created another channel called " ProperDummies " including him and the other members of "ProperIdiots".

From November 24,Unspeakable began playing maps with PrestonPlayz. They collaborate first on an old dropper map, then days later, they played cross-keyboard challenge where they played Skywars.

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